Installation on Concrete

Installation on Wood/Plywood

Installation KulitBatu Translucent


  • Always ‘set-out’ before installing.
  • Allow 10%, to cover cutting and trimming when applicable.
  • If using KulitBatu for the first time it would be good practise to test a small section on the substrate you’re applying it to.
  • On cement or concrete substrates its advisable to use an epoxy based adhesive on any leading edges or corners, 4-6cm being sufficient.
  • KulitBatu will bend to various degrees depending on the stone type. Use of heat will allow a smaller radius of application. Testing should always be done prior to any installation. It can be bent inward or outward to meet a given look or curve. Fiberglass strands used in the manufacture of KuliBatu gives it strength and flexibility.
  • Always apply onto surfaces that are clean and free of dust, oils, paint, etc.
  • Butt joints or grout lines can be used. Tests show the use of water based epoxy grouts work well to fill between the cut veneers. These epoxy grouts are also available in several colours to match.

Download the Application Chart.

Download Installation Guide.


Colour, surface and/or shade variation are inherent attributes of these products. To insure a satisfactory look is achieved, ‘dry lay’ and blend all products prior to installing.

As with all natural products, natural stone requires a certain degree of care.  It is important to seal the stone surface using a quality natural stone sealer following the manufacturers recommendations. If the recommended care system is used the surface will be easier to maintain and keep clean.

A certain amount of delamination should be expected from slate tiles during and following installation. During installation any loose flakes should be broken off. Where delamination occurs after installation, the affected area should be re-sealed. Slate tiles should not be installed in areas subject to direct and intense heat, quartzite tiles are suitable.

Sheets are cut to internationally accepted tolerances for natural stone field tiles.

Installing means acceptance.

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